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Clothing and textile printing
Most types of textiles are suitable for printing. Your design is processed to provide the best possible result on the chosen fabric. Textile printing has been completely absorbed in recent years and is used to print garments and textile products
Different possibilities remain at the level of printing on fabric when customizing garments and textiles you must have in mind the number of faces you want to print. You can choose double-sided printing or simply recto (face) printing or finally Verso printing. (Back). In terms of printing, we offer you a durable solution that is resistant to machine washing.
Your garment will keep its original appearance for many years, we guarantee it. We are specialists in clothing and textile printing.
Technical textile printing
There are several technical types of textile printing:
What is called DTG or in essence direct digital printing. This is the technique most used at the moment and it corresponds to most prints and on a large part of the textiles available on the market. With this technique the design and printing directly in the textile and in the case of a t-shirt it retains its flexibility even when the printing areas are very large such as printing in A3 format.
There is another technique called Flex or quad reflex this technique aims to print to cut and then after it is at very high temperature a sufficiently thin plastic film and apply it to the textile what is called vinyl flocking. In terms of printing, this makes it possible to print extremely precise patterns and to keep colors faithful to the original model. The only problem being that with large plastic surfaces applied to your t-shirt you will not be able to maintain the flexibility of the fabric on the contrary the vinyl flocking on large surfaces can make your textile stiffer. For your clothing and textile printing, choose your technique carefully.
Finally there is screen printing but this type of printing is only available from a hundred pieces and whose patterns and colors must be well defined beforehand the other negative point is the blow of this type of operation indeed this type of printing on clothing and textiles and much more expensive than the previous techniques
The last technique used is the oldest technique, that is to say embroidery, however we advise you not to Use this technique on t-shirts because it may not necessarily be very pleasant to wear. Instead, prefer this type of printing on clothing and textiles only for polo shirts or sweatshirts.
The prints on clothing and textiles that we offer at Fungifts.fr are of very high quality. In addition we offer you to personalize your clothes and textiles thanks to our personalization tool it’s all very easy to use and will allow you to carry out your projects without any problem and that simply in a few clicks